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We partner with concert venues, festivals and colleges to produce engaging and professional marketing content.


Recap & Highlight Videos

The key to an engaging concert video is a balance between capturing the scale of the event and connecting with the individuals in attendance. We help you show off the success of the event to build hype and entice future customers. Meanwhile we tell the story of the concert-goer on the ground level - the goal is to make people feel famous, have friends tag friends, and build an emotional connection with your brand.


Content Production

We help venues and festivals create engaging content with artists that advertises future shows while tapping into the talent’s audience. Through tapping into these artists’s audiences we’ve produced hundreds of thousands of views for our partners.

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Only The Best


We use top of the line Cameras, Drones, Stabilization, and Editing Software to provide professional, cinematic content at up to 4K resolution.

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