#FreestyleFridays - Young GWOP

Welcome back to #FreestleFridays, this time with some of our home state's freshest flows that you didn't even know existed. This second cypher from the 2013 edition of Hot 93.7 Hot Jam showcases what happens when you combine the 860 with the 203, and get the perfect nutmeg blend. With a few of the artists hailing from the same city as us in the Heartbeat that is Hartford, CT, this second cypher is one of four that will definitely get you through to the weekend. 

Keep your eye out for Young GWOP coming in hot at 1:45, GWOP BOY SALUTE, as well as to Ace Da Youngin who spits last. Connecticut baby. Connecticut.

"This a war report/
from a hustler blow/
Street corner will creep on ya/
John Doe/
Life in the fast lane/

GWOP is the truth.