#FreestyleFriday - Lupe Fiasco's LAST RADIO FREESTYLE on Sway in the Morning (BRAND NEW - January 22, 2015)

It's Friday here at Mugatunes, and we're giving you another reason to TGIF with the second installment of #FreestyleFriday. This week, Lupe Fiasco joins Sway and gives his "last radio freestyle," as the poet himself stated that he "is stepping back publicly". Lupe goes for five minutes off the dome, taking it back, back, back, to the struggles he faced as a young rapper proving his worth, and has choice words to some of the higher ups in the music industry, before finally coming full circle to reflect on where he is at currently, endorsing his 5th and latest project, Tetsuo & Youth. His superfluous flow is a fresh icing atop a classic beat reminding listeners that no matter which direction he chooses to head, he'll be around 'til infinity.  #TGIFF