The great J. Cole once posed the question, "Can I hit it in the morning?" The answer is Of course you can. In fact, Hit It Twice, And don't you Dare Quit it. Bake It Till You Make It. That's the name of the game.  News flash: your parents, your teachers, the people that inspire you, the people that you aspire to be, they poke(D) smot. And Chances Are, #noshittymusic was being played.

But that was then. This is Mugatunes, where We scrape the musical-res So that You don't have to. Just PRESS PLAY AND LET THIS CAREFULLY CONCOCTED COMPILATION TRANSCEND BOTH rhyme AND SPACE. BiT-YM-i is not an ancronym. ARE YOU SHITTIN ME? Its a lifestyle.

"a man is but the products of his thoughts. what he thinks, he becomes" - Ghandi.