It's been a long time since two mainstream rappers have gone to the mattresses. In honor of Drake and Meek Mill's recent exchange of words, we figured what better time to relive some of hip-hop's greatest feuds. This playlist takes us back through five of the most entertaining lyrical beefs in rap's history, with some other great diss songs sprinkled in at the end. 

Drake vs. Meek Mill  ( 1 - 3 )  - Ghostwriter or otherwise, Drake proved to us all who the better lyricist is.
 Shady Records vs. Murder Inc. ( 4 - 10 ) - In his 50 Cent diss "loose change", Ja Rule calls out "Feminem", "Gay Dre", and even Hailie Mathers. Shady records and company, (Em, 50, Dre, D12, Obie, DMX, and Busta) reminded Murder Inc. why you don't bite the hand that feeds.
Nas vs. Jay Z ( 11 - 13 ) Nas has had his fair share of lyrical feuds, but none topped his beef with Jay Z. This battle for New York's crown produced some of hip-hop's greatest tracks. 
East vs. West ( 14 - 18 ) - We'll probably never know what really happened, but the confusion around "Who Shot Ya" sparked an east/west battle that inspired some of Makaveli's greatest hits
Eazy-E vs. Death Row ( 18 - 19 ) - break-ups are ugly and N.W.A. was no exception.