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Growth Campaigns


Through Mugatunes’ network and the network of our peer curators, we can get your profile(s) on download gates of popular songs within your genre. If you're not familiar with download gates, here's an example of one of ours. As fans go to download these songs, they're required to first follow a few profiles. Many of these gates get thousands of downloads every week. We’ll get your profile on them - so these fans will follow you too!

Important! We don’t use bots or click farms. Our campaigns are 100% real and engaged users. We only work with artists whose sound we support. We will not pollute our networks with below quality music. We reserve the right to refuse your campaign and refund your payment.

Growth Campaigns

Why You Need Followers

Second only to plays, your followers are the key to growth on these platforms. They’re your most loyal fans and are the first to see (and hear) new songs. They jump-start your traction each time you release a new project, which is also important for utilizing the platform’s algorithm.


Whats the Catch?

Full transparency, the downside is these new followers are sort of being forced to follow you. This means they're not going to be 'listeners' right away. The upside is you're getting 100% real followers who you know enjoy your type of music, so the next time you release a project you'll have the opportunity to convert them into fans.

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Repost Campaigns

Repost Campaigns (Soundcloud Only)

With the Mugatunes network we can repost your track from accounts with a combined 15 Million followers. Repost campaigns are the most reliable way to reach new listeners, get new fans, and boost your stats. Once you start your campaign we’ll send you screenshots and links throughout to keep you informed on upcoming reposts.

Soundcloud Repost Campaign
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Reach & Pricing

1 Million $40
3 Million $120
5 Million $200
8 Million $320
10 Million $400
15 Million $600