"Collaborations..." - Qreamybeats Mixtape Review

Qreamybeats is a production duo made up of 22-year-olds Brandon Ferguson and Quincy Holland. Quincy, originally from California, and Brandon, from Connecticut, met at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Qreamybeats grew out of constant jam sessions, and their talents as a duo were heightened when Quincy brought a different perspective to how Brandon was approaching production in the past. These two producers are not your average run of the mill "I sit in my room in the dark on my MacBook Pro and make beats" producers. Brandon and Quincy were educated at arguably the top music school in the country, and both are proficient with multiple instruments. This knowledge of how music works helps the duo construct their beats, rather than simply rummaging through Pro Tools until something clicks. It is evident in the way they score their beats, sometimes around Brandon's guitar playing, sometimes around incredibly discreet samples, that this team is ready to make it big.

In addition to several instrumental tapes put out by Qreamybeats, they have just released their most recent project, a mixtape of the collaborations they've had a hand in. One of the songs on this mixtape is from Boogie, a Long Beach native who was just signed to Interscope Records. The song "Still Be Homies" was featured on Boogie's first mixtape Thirst 48. It is a two-part song, where Qreamybeats provides an eerie beat for the second half of the song, centered on a Sufjan Stevens sample, showcasing the tandem’s impeccable musical range. Another song featured is from Boston standout rapper Michael Christmas titled "Who?" The beat is comprised of a catchy drum sequence laid over a distorted guitar riff sample. Christmas blesses this beat with his signature clever wordplay and playful attitude. Brandon Ferguson also supplies the guitar work for Tiara Thomas' "How It Is" and a remix of Gabi Wilson's "Jungle".

This mixtape showcases Qreamybeats unique ability to channel the many styles of their rappers and singers to create a harmonious match between beat and performer. With beats ranging from jazzy, to electronic, to downright obscure (see "Sweaters and Ice Cream"), Qreamybeats is making a serious claim to up and coming rap artists looking for a unique production team. Be on the lookout for future releases from this Boston-based duo, and stream “Collaborations…” below.